Tip of the Week #3: Firing Pin Enhancement

Tip of the Week #3: Firing Pin Enhancement

Primer cups are increasing in hardness and thickness, according to some reputable news sources.  One source says that cup hardness is scheduled to increase by almost 2 Mohs units by the end of the decade!  That’s a bigger increase in Mohs units than even climate change alarmists are yelling about!  Thankfully, our research scientists have refined a technique to get you through the coming crisis.

First, disassemble your top end, specifically removing the firing pin.  If your firing pin appears blunt at all, then you’ve already started experiencing the effects of hardened primers.  Using your gunsmith dremel, a bench grinder, a file, or any other suitable tool, file the side of the firing pin until it is sharp again.  Be careful not to shorten it, though!  You just need to sharpen it again.

Once it’s sharp again, just reassemble your firearm and hit the range!

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