Tip of the Week #5: Strengthen Your Mag Springs

Tip of the Week #5: Strengthen Your Mag Springs

Feeding ammunition is a critically important part of auto-loading firearm.  The magazine springs are responsible for pushing up new rounds to be loading into the chamber.  Unfortunately, springs get weak if they are compressed for too long, and weak spring can easily be obstructed.  However, our research lab has determined an optimal way to strengthen your mag spring.

Using nothing more than your home oven and a sink, you can increase the strength of your mag springs.  First.  Heat up your oven as hot as it can get.  Make sure it’s well pre-heated.  While that’s heating up, fill your sink with cold water and ice.  You want the ice as cold as you can get, because the colder you can get it the stronger it will make your springs.

Then, heat your springs in your hot oven.  The amount of time for this step depends on the bullet diameter that spring is used on.  Springs from a 9mm should be in for 35 minutes (.355 caliber).  40S&W or 10mm should be in for 40 minutes.  .45ACP for 45 minutes.

As soon as the correct time has elapsed, remove the springs from the oven and plunge directly into the ice cold sink water.  Your spring are now strong again.  Re-install and hit the range!

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