USPSA Announces Pistol Caliber Pistol Division

pistol caliber pistol

Sometime in 2017 USPSA will launch it’s provisional Pistol Caliber Pistol division, fresh off the success of the Pistol Caliber Carbine division of 2016.

“PCC took off quick and grew quicker than we expected” said Mick Foley, ex wrestler, and current USPSA president.  “It only makes sense that we build on that success with Pistol Caliber Pistols, or PCP, and continue growing our shooting sports through the use of PCP”

Most gun owners can relate to PCP and own a pistol that shoots some kind of pistol caliber.

The Feed Ramp expects the rules to pretty similar to PCC and Practiscore should support PCP in time for the new rules to hit.