USPSA Considering New Target Colors

Redmonton, WA – The new DNROI Roy “Kitty” McCattus announces a preliminary change to the official target colors.  “Because of a recent social interest campaign, we’ve decided to use more racially-sensitive target colors.”  McCattus said. He referred to recent work by the No More Black Targets advocacy group.

“I don’t have any evidence suggesting that what they claim is true.  Of course there are many legitimate reason why we have the target colors we have, but irregardless it’s time to make some arbitrary change in the rules” McCattus said, while he also typed an email response to a rules question.  “This is one of the few things I can do without any real good reason.  Even better, no one can stop me.”

The new target colors proposed would be bright green for scoring targets.  Dark blue will be used for hard cover.  An obnoxious purple with gold polka dots will be the new no-shoots.  McCattus said this is the result of a committee tasked with determining the color patterns least likely to create an anti-counter-protest problem.  When asked about the methodology used, McCattus threatened this reporter with vague references from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Something about elderberries.

McCattus didn’t answer further questions, instead he referred to the only official way to get an answer: via email to the official email address.  McCattus ended the interview by yelling “MEOW!” then sprinting out of the room.

Target vendors will begin printing the new targets next month.  These changes may increase target prices substantially.  However, USPSA will provide subsidy funding for clubs experiencing hardship.  To claim this subsidy, clubs must write to USPSA HQ declaring that they have at least one competitor in Carry Optics or PCC.

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