USPSA North Korea Hosts First Championship

Peeyonguys, DPRK – The United States Practical Shooters Association announces the formation of a new Area and Area Championship.  Following the IPSC’s recent recognition of the DPRK as an IPSC Region, the USPSA leadership quickly moved into the territory.  The first USPSA North Korea Area Championship is scheduled for the end of the month.

The First USPSA North Korea Area Championship

The USPSA sent their experienced infiltration team into the new territory, lead by DNROI Roy “Kitty” McCattus.  Wearing his traditional purple and gold striped war paint on his face, McCattus announced the championship.  “We are pleased to offer this shooting sport for our brothers in North Korea.  We look forward to naming Super Supreme Leader Kim-dong Un the High Overall Winner once the match concludes.”

Super Supreme Leader released the following statement.  “All of the peoples of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are excellent shooters.  They are the best in the world.  I am the best of the best, and I win everything because I am the smartest and most handsome.  This will be a fair competition that results in my win.”

USPSA North Korea

Troubles With IPSC

IPSC Commanders expressed displeasure with the new USPSA Area match.  “This is OUR sovereign shooting territory!  We own all the practical shooting rights in this great country!” Chief Commander Vinny Limabean, exclaimed.  “We are going to sue any of those other guys who try to play in our sandbox.  I won’t let them play in the Whirled Chute, neither!”

Match Results

Match results should be available live, the week before the event, on PractiScore.  The match is open to all competitors from across the globe.  Match fee is one long-range missile or 1lb of anything that will make a geiger counter do that clicking thing.


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