Open Division Shooters Band Together Over Hatred Of Pistol Caliber Carbine

Burlington, Washington – Newly elected USPSA President Mick Foley rode a wave of popularity into office and knew he had a mandate for change.

While his predecessor timidly announced a new PISTOL division for USPSA PISTOL matches, Mick had bigger plans – RIFLES in PISTOL matches!

Shooters React

Long time USPSA participant Sal Wiscott  has been shooting open division for the past 20 years.  Citing his aging eyes and worn out knees as reasons for shooting the easy division.

“I can’t focus on a front sight no more, and my knees don’t work so good” said Wiscott.

Sal is more open minded than most, quickly buying the most expensive Pistol Caliber Carbine available and going through six different optics until he found one he could actually use.

Tuning comps for the minor power factor loads and load development consumed the next several months until he had a gun that he felt gave him every advantage.

“I like PCC more now because there is less reason to move” Sal says. “I can stand in one or two spots and shoot the entire course of fire, it really drives the match director nuts.”


Other OPEN shooters aren’t as OPEN MINDED

One particular open shooter and match director, who will remain nameless, has been heard saying things like “I spent $5,000 on my open gun – I’ll be damned if some yahoo with a $500 rifle is going to come to MY match and beat me!”

Another said “OPEN is SUPPOSED to be the top division. I want to win HIGH OVERALL!”

Long Term Side Effects

President Mick Foley is smiling though, he sees his experiment as a success – citing the growth of PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE UNIVERSE at over 5,000 members  while the pet project of his predecessor, CARRY OPTICS UNIVERSE is languishing with only around a 1,000 in twice the time.