USPSA Releases New Rules Change Application

Remountainton, WA – Professional Wrestler and USPSA President Mick Foley announced today a new Rules Change Application.  Joined on his right by DNROI Roy “Kitty” McCattus dressed in a traditional Mardi Gras blouse, the Foley unrolled new ancient Secret Scrolls which described the new process.

Rules Change Application: One Simple Form

The new process involves a single application form with simple fill-ins.  The document, leaked to the public through the fictional Facebook account of a hypothetical “good” shooter named Bean Stoogin, proposes that the applicant could make things more fair for him and/or herself.  The application fee is rumored to be in the hundreds of dollars, or a commitment to advertise in the “Front Page” magazine.

It is expected that the new rules application will be a boon for custom gun shops and part manufacturers.

Rules Change Application
Rules Change Application, obtained from Bean Stoogin’s Facebook post.

Critics Cry Foul

Not everyone was pleased by the new form.  Some competitors explained that having consistent and reliable rules should be favored.  “Production is dead” said Maddy T Hopperkins.  On Facebook, Alic Gatch summarized the recent changes as “External modifications may be made to Production Division guns, as long as the internals aren’t changed. Sometimes. But other times, external modifications are prohibited, but internal modifications are OK. Unless they are sights, in which case you can do what you want.”


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