Burlington Coat Factory, WA – With much pomp and fanfare USPSA.ORG has revealed their new website.  This eight year odyssey of missteps and missed deadlines has come to a happy conclusion with both administrators and end users impressed with the developers ability to make the new website look exactly like the old one.

Missed Opportunities

USPSA president Mick Foley has made it his mission to complete the work that his three predecessors could not. Once he fulfilled the mandate he was given of adding PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE (rifles) to PISTOL matches he felt unstoppable and ready to tackle the project that cost several of his predecessors their jobs and their sanity. Not one to back away from a challenge Mick (The Hardcore Champion) took it upon himself to empower the overworked and underappreciated staff at USPSA headquarters and encourage them to get the job done.


Light at the End of the Tunnel (it was actually a train)

The improvements to the classification system were the first step – running a database update WEEKLY versus MONTHLY was a risky proposition, but fate favors the bold and so it was done. With that success under their belt the web developers dove into other aspects of the website – improving, changing, adapting, and replacing what didn’t work. While the new website may actually look and work and feel the same as the old one the technology underneath is completely new – pulling the code from the 1980‘s all the way up to what would have been impressive in 2000.

Plugins Needed

The new website will run best on NETSCAPE browser. Flash plugin is used heavily as well as PERL-CGI scripts. A promotional deal with AOL has been struck whereas a “BOOKMARK” will be added to your AOL browser by default. USPSA is in discussions with CompuServe and Prodigy to be the default page as well. ICQ functionality will be “BAKED IN” to the new website. Match directors using M.S.S. 2.1 will be able to send in scores via 5.25″ floppy.

For Us By Us (FUBU)

While there are countless talented web developers that are involved with USPSA the organization has chosen to do this work mostly in house and with sub contracted developers. The folks at are perhaps the most well known and knowledgeable about what works for practical shooting so they were not asked for input. Other talented web developers were similarly rebuffed.

Continued Success

What’s next for USPSA now that this big project is done? No one knows – President Foley is keeping his cards close to his chest. Will it be a RIFLE CALIBER RIFLE division? SHOTGUN CALIBER PISTOL? More WRISTWATCHES or OFFICIAL BLOUSES? No one knows, but one thing is clear – USPSA is on a roll right now and if the other shooting sports don’t watch out they are liable to be relegated to the dustbin of history.