Veteran USPSA shooter “kind of” happy with his new custom gun.

Sellersburg, Indiana – It took 5 years of saving and another 18 months of waiting,  but Thomas finally has a gun custom built to his dream specs…..

sort of.

Being stuck in C class is no fun, especially when it’s due to your equipment. Like most competitive shooters Thomas had no problem dropping a small fortune on the gun he had some say in its building.

He chose the color, the size of the grip, the caliber, and even the sights. What he got had some of those features and more. Things are looking good for Thomas – after 10 years of shooting he recently scored his first B class classifier and is looking to score many more.

He should have the time now that the kids are out of the house and his wife has been spending more time on the gardener gardening.

“I finally feel like I have the equipment to match my talent. My old STI DVC Limited just didn’t have what it took to deliver me the B class results I know I can produce.”

Thomas feels like he has gained a friend in this process as well, having spent hours on the phone with his builder getting updates on his new gun. Getting updates all throughout the process, from slide to frame fitting, to trigger fitment as well as the 6 months that the gun was “out for finish”.

As his gunsmith said, “The more I mark it up the longer the line gets…Why change? If they want something I don’t want to do there’s 5 others willing to take what I give them.”