VODA Consulting Trainer Releases Resume

Facebook, Internet – Famed real life trainer Looseen Black released his formal resume in a Facebook Messenger conversation with a potential student.  In that conversation, he detailed his extensive history that qualifies him to train in street killing methods as part of the VODA Consulting group.  Widely regarded as the safest trainer in the world, this information release comes as millions of VODA followers hold vigil for the next YouTube video.

VODA Consulting Resume

His professional history includes prior service as an “MRE taste tester” in the Army, possibly a VitB-17 MOS.  In that role, he likely would have access to being near people with highly classified information.  It’s possible he was stationed in the same region as people who performed covert operations, including the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.  There are conflicting reports about his prior service as Batman.

In addition to his military service, Black detailed some of his work as a “Prior Correctional officer”.  That job required “actually shooting convicts on the job and in real life.”  Commonly known “convicts” could include such people as Al Capone, Martha Stuart, and Salvador “The Capeman” Agron.  We can only speculate about his roll in capturing and convicting Al Capone.  Questions about that operation went unanswered.

Also disclosed was a long history of working with “consultants” and “law enforcement”.  It’s possible that includes the FBI, Blackwater, and other high-profile organizations.  It’s also possible that no organizations would consider themselves to have worked with VODA.

Challenging Times

VODA faces an uphill battle in the difficult war for Tactical Timmy’s money.  With many established players, it’s hard to gain a foothold in the industry.  Some of VODA’s biggest difficulties include pushback from major industry association.  The National Rifle Association, for example, stripped VODA of its instructor certifications, probably under pressure from those firearms industry lobbyists mentioned vaguely on the main stream media.  During 2015, approximately 45% of all television ads were about VODA’s battle for its coveted NRA credentials.

In addition to a coordinated attack from the the industry, individual ranges also showed bias against the VODA group.  Many shooting ranges have outright banned the group from training at their facilities.  It’s possible that these bans were influenced by other local training groups unwilling to accept the VODA group’s classical training methods.


Included below are the screenshots from the student’s conversation with a VODA representative.  They were taken from an online post made by someone named Scotty McChristerferson, which we assume is just a really bad alias.

VODA Resume 1VODA Resume 3VODA Resume 2VODA Resume 4

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

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