Dry-Fire Advocate Finds New Passion

Dayton, Ohio – USPSA Area 51 Grandmaster, author, and dry-fire guru Anders Stevenson was found on the side of route 7 feverishly waving his fists in the air at leisure drivers in left lane during last Friday’s rush hour.   When a concerned citizen stopped to ask if everything was OK, Mr. Stevenson exclaimed “Every time you get passed on the right, it is 10% more likely you are an idiot and I have had enough of this ludicrous behavior.”

Mr. Stevenson’s new passion and quest is to rid our highways of these detestable slothful heathens.  He continued to explain that he despises them more than the range monkeys that continue to proliferate the mantra “slow down and get your hits”.  

Growing Problem

 This deleterious driving phenomena has been increasingly plaguing our highways for some time, but oddly enough a strong correlation was found recently between the Bernie Sanders primary loss in the last election and these slothful heathens.  Droves of fuel efficient vehicles have been spotted on the highways proudly bearing Sanders stickers doing 55 MPH in 70 MPH zones all over the Ohio highways.

Dry-Fire is Still the Key…

Mr. Stevenson assured the Feed Ramp that he will be continue to pursue his first passion in writing dry fire books and talk about the mental game on his podcast, but he may be expanding his horizons by starting a new drivers education program mainly geared to “window licking, mouth breather MENSA members” starting this fall.  MENSA declined any comment as they have no idea who Mr. Stevenson is and they will require greater details and data before they can confirm or deny his accusations.

Mr. Stevenson did confirm that he IS going to compete in the 2017 DRY-FIRE CHAMPIONSHIP against his rival and nemesis Sten Boeger. The Feed Ramp hopes to be able to bring you full coverage of that exciting event!

Special correspondent Mal Onch reporting for The Feed Ramp.