HiPoints Work Just Fine One Owner Quickly and Obsessively Points Out

HiPoints Work Just Fine – I aint never had no gull damned problems! Typed “Tron”, on what will be his 34th Facebook argument today.

“People like to bag on the Hipoint, but I got thousands of rounds through ‘er and my Glock jams more” said Tron.  Tron showed TFR 3 examples 40 caliber Hipoints and quickly pointed out he could have 3-4 Hipoints for one glock or 1911.

When asked if Tron would prefer a more comfortable and better looking handgun, Tron exclaimed “You some kind of fuckin’ pussy son?  Guns ain’t supposed to be comfortable or look pretty.  They are tools.  I buy what works and spend the extra money on shells”

Tron spends 20-30 hours per week defending the Hipoint online.  TFR has learned Tron will not be paid by Hipoint for this work.

HiPoints Work Just Fine and Can Anchor Boats

Not only can I defend my life with this 40 cal – I can anchor shit! Explained Tron.

“Where I’m from we like to canoe, fish, and we have tornaders.  I can anchor boats and beat fish head in with this sumbitch!”

TFR pointed out that Hipoints can break to which Tron told TFR to “Get our commie asses off his property ‘for he gotta break a dick off in our asses”