Berryville, AR– Facing changes in demographics and bending to shooter demands,   IDPA Supreme Commander Joice Wilton has announced sweeping new changes to the venerable shooting sport.

In a Pre-SHOT show press release Ms. Wilton announces, “We are excited to announce a rebranding of our shooting sport.  We have listened to our members who are no longer interested in including any facet of defensive shooting in our purpose and principles.  To respond to our valued members, we will be making many new and exciting rule changes, as well as changing the name and image of our sport”.

“The most noticeable change is the renaming of the organization from the International Defensive Shooting Sport to better honor the Marksman-class volunteers who are responsible for the almost weekly changes in our rule structure.  These shooters may be devoid of any leadership skills or shooting talent, and may never take home any trophies, but we wanted to make sure they know they are appreciated.  And what better way to let the shooting public know that we are an organization driven by these dedicated individuals by renaming it to “The World Association (of) Tigers” or T.W.A.T.”

Beyond the rebranding of the sport, the Tigers hope to build up on their previous successes that lowered the standards so that any fat, old or shooter uninterested in practice or personal development could feel better about their match performance.  These changes will includes such exciting changes to TWAT such as:

*The new “Snowflake Scoring System”.  This will allow an automatic reshoot to any shooter who feels their performance does not fully represent their internet reputation.

*Elimination of kneeling and prone.  This is unfair to shooters who do not care to exercise or take care of themselves.

*13 yard maximum for all shots- This allows members to spend more time on social media and less time practicing.

*Introduction of the new “Millennial Division” We could tell you what it is about, but you would not understand.

These new exciting changes and others, will be well documented by TWAT’s longstanding I.T. Vendor Ragelog.  Ragelog Spokesman Modi Dikshit  was available to describe how the new webpage interface was guaranteed to be “200% more confusing and 300% less accessible” than their previous efforts.

Ms. Wilton ended her press conference by saying, “2018 is poised to be an exciting year for the Organization.  I think you all will find the staff at the TWAT to be stimulated and highly excited.  We expect shooters will just jump for a  change to go hands on with the TWAT

-Special Correspondent Rigney Radue reporting from the floor of SHOT SHOT SHOW SHOW

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  • January 22, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    “Elimination of kneeling and prone. This is unfair to shooters who do not care to exercise or take care of themselves.” Are you saying there is no place in the sport for the disabled or those ill with a disease such as Parkingson’s? I have never heard any of these shooters ask for a special rule change. They take the penalty and and stagger on, enjoying the sport for the same reasons you do. I think you will find that the efforts of these people to take care of themselves surpass anything you can imagine.

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