IDPA Issues New P320 Requirements

Beach, San Diego, CA – Speaking through a spokesperson while sipping a gin-based margarita, IDPA Supreme Commander Joice Wilton described the result of a recent task-force regarding the SigSauer P320.  The P320, recently the center of controversy about its drop-safety, enjoys strongly mediocre support in the IDPA.  As such, there are a few shooters who actually care about this announcement of new P320 requirements.  Of course, those are also the most vocal members, too.

New P320 Requirements

“The P320 is clearly a super dangerous gun.  It’s more dangerous than other guns, because this one will shoot you all on its own” said the spokesperson.  “So we’ve released these new regulations, retroactively-effective starting last month.”

The new requirements include:

  • Only Tula primers may be used.
  • Federal Primers must not be allowed within 5′ of any P320 while at an active IDPA training evolution.
  • Carpets will be provided, and all non-retention reloads must be performed over the carpet.
  • Chrono stations will now include a drop test for all P320 variants.


IDPA sheep dogs responded favorably.  Shayne Pots said of the requirements “I hate the P320, and I’m glad it’s finally getting beat up.  What the fracking frit is a grip module??  It’s a damned frame!  Look at the manual!”

However, some other shooters in similar gun games decried to requirements as unfair.  “The carpets are distracting.  Yea, sure, they’ll keep me from getting my leg done shot, but why do they have to be puke green shag?”

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