IDPA shooter mugged while on line at Kroger

Hermitage, Tennessee – IDPA Marksman class shooter John Sanderson was mugged on Sunday after attending his monthly IDPA match. While standing in line to check out at the Kroger located on McGavock Pike. Mr. Sanderson was relieved of his wallet, Glock 19, and two loaded magazines.

Speculating that he may have been targeted because of his characteristic IDPA / fishing concealment vest he said that his mugger calmly stuck their own gun (or finger, he isn’t sure which) in the small of his back and took all of his belongings from his pockets as well as his holster and mag pouches.

Complaining that there was no safety officer, nor start signal for him to react to or follow instructions from he felt that the mugger acted in bad faith and that he would like a “re-shoot”.

“I have been competing for 15 years – I made Marksman recently at our annual classifier match, and feel like this is the kind of encounter I have been training for. My attacker did not announce himself, there was no safety briefing, and I didn’t even have my gun loaded!”

Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for a mugger between 5’ and 7’ tall with at least one pointy finger and now a Glock 19 with two magazines full of 147 grain powder puff loads making barely 125 power factor.