I’ve been around! I know things!

Guest reporting by Tom Scothson

Concord, NC – USPSA shooter Levi Kay is sick and tired of the all too common Competition Shooter pages on the Face Book and ‘Gram’.  This TFR correspondent caught up with Mr. Kay after he laid down an out of control run on the Table Stakes (3.2743HF, in case you might wonder) at the local Thursday night indoor classifier match.

Boobs and Holsters

Kay told us is he fed up as hell with every “D class chic with boobs and a holster” making a Competitive Shooter Page and plastering over every area, section, and local shooting group on the facebook.  “I gots to scroll past that crap 5 times just to get down to look at the important stuff in my county’s ‘another man’s treasure group’.”  “What has Sally McSassytwat done for this sport?  She has been to 3 matches and now she is a pro?  She has all the cool gear and is even sponsored by one of those fancy pants custom gun builders in Georgia.  Did he sponsor her or her yoga pants?  I’ve got a member number in the 70,000 range so I’ve been around…. I know things, yuh know!”

Vuda’s Influence

“It’s not always the women either.  It’s every swinging Johnson who goes and takes a Vuda class and makes a ‘competitive-ish shooter page’ thinks they’re some kind of gotdam pro.”  “I used to read on the face book about what the real hot shots like Stigger, GG Jacuzzi, and E Stilly were doing.  Now I see boobs, yoga pants, and skorts.  Sure it doesn’t sound bad, but it’s like watching Gina Jamerson get banged by a dude with a flaccid wang.  All they care about is looking good, flipping some hair on the field course.  Not only do I have to witness this bullshit in person, it’s fillin up muh feeds!”

Kay notes there are plenty of women who are deserving pros who commonly wipe the floor with him in B class at local, section, and area matches…. Especially those T&A Innovations girls!

Plan of Action

Before he walked off grumbling about “circus stages and track meets” Kay let TFR know he has penned a letter to USPSA President Mick Foley and DNROI head T-Roy McWaynus asking them to take action about what he considers a pox on the shooting community.