Local club shooter switches to 9 major without success

By Buck Jones

Recently at our club, an M class shooter decided to stop sucking his squadmates dicks to get all of his 38 Supercomp brass back and decided to swap all of his guns to 9 major.

“All I wanted to do was save some money and save my knees from looking like a 40 year old hooker” says Nick Johnson. He sent his 2 guns to a gunsmith in Georgia to get new barrels fitted. $700 later, he was on his way to saving money!! He soon realized that none of his mags worked and the powder he’d been using for years would turn his guns into Fat Man and Little Boy if he used it.

Another $800 later, he had mags that worked!!

Pretty soon he realized that only 3 out of 5 pieces of brass were useable. “I had no fucking idea that I was going to have to sort so fucking much!!! Fuck you fuckers that shoot 380 and 9×18!!”

“Fuck this, I’m switching to .40 Open!!”