Mediocre Shooter Buys More Tiny Dry Fire Targets, Forgets About Printer and Used Amazon Boxes

Big Bone Lick, KY – Jarvis Cuckholder just ordered yet another dry fire book and $50 in tiny cardboard dry fire targets.


When asked why not just print them Jarvis, seeming  confused replied

“Shit….well…….SHIT….well….printed targets are white, and paper, we shoot brown cardboard at the range and I need to train like I fight here”

The Feed Ramp pointed out that Jarvis had a huge stack of empty Amazon boxes in the corner.  Why not just cut those up?

“Look, pricks, if you’re serious about getting really good at shooting you GOTTA buy these scaled down targets.  You cant fucking go around printing them or making your own.  You WILL develop training scores and shoot piss poor”

Jarvis explained these targets are LASER CUT, not some bullshit cut with scissors.

“Look, you pay for quality training.  You pay for quality gear.  Why skimp on dry training?”

“Check this out, this shit is baller, some of them are white and look like steel poppers!”

Jarvis tells The Feed Ramp to really hit the next level, he’s going to get some bitchin’ snap caps and laser bullshit.

“Now to figure out what timer to buy”…..

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