The Perfectly Balanced Shooting Team

The 2019 shooting season will be here before we know it and many top tier “Gun Builders” are scrambling right now. Scrambling to get their guns out on time (lol, yeah right) and scrambling to assemble the perfectly balanced shooting team.

Putting together the perfectly balanced shooting team isn’t easy and eludes even the most well intentioned “Gun Builder”. Some teams are heavy on talent, some are heavy on titties, and some are just heavy. What is the perfect blend of ingredients that makes for an effective team?

The Veteran

First thing you need is a team captain – preferably a veteran. If you can find one that was on one of the military marksmanship teams that’s great, but anyone that served overseas will do. Combat arms is NOT a prerequisite! You may have to settle for a REMF – if you do make sure you go over their backstory over and over again. They should be able to tell it as naturally as if it were actually true. Have your shooter study this scene for reference.

The Female

Next you need at least one female shooter. One can be enough if she’s cute or has large breast implants. If she’s not that cute and is flat chested you may need several. They do NOT have to be able to shoot. That’s not the point. The best place to find this important piece of your team is on Instagram. Examples are here: and here:

The Junior

The final piece of the puzzle is the junior shooter. Ideally this is the child of another team member because who likes dealing with a spoiled, entitled brat that isn’t their own? The junior shooters are the future of the sport (G-d help us) so it’s important to have one on your team. Leverage your junior shooter by using them to pressure other sponsors to support your team. Many of the middle aged men who make up 90% of the shooting sports look to them for advice on what gear to buy next so their opinion and what they are using is important!

Now Build It

Those are the building blocks of your team. How you complete it is up to you. Do you fill in the rest of the spots with a bunch of “tries hard” shooters who will be good brand ambassadors? Do you add even more female shooters (with all the negatives and drama that entails…)? Or do you try to balance it out? More veterans with shaggy beards and covered in tattoos? More junior shooters? (Have to be careful with too many junior shooters, your team may get a reputation for being lazy and not helping reset).

We at The Feed Ramp are looking forward to the 2019 shooting season and are especially interested to see where all the free agent “talent” ends up. If you have any insight into who may end up where or the optimal ratio of veterans to females to juniors please let us know in the comments!