TruExodus Offers New Classes

Persec, Indiana – back in January, Barbie Fauxbusch took the stage at Shot Show to announce a new series of classes this year, so we loaded up the 458 and hit the road to catch up with the IG Warrior at his backyard range, to get the dig on this exciting opportunity for Social Media Operators all over the world!

Sir Fartbox was in the middle of setting up his iPhone 7 plus to film a riveting new facebooks video on quick draw teckneeks. After performing numerous very impressive tactical shoots for us, and taking several well orchestrated, product placement selfies, he let us in on some details for this coming season. Not only will Barbie be working with James Yanger on how to mitigate negligent discharges during classes, but also how to utilize tampons for gunshot wounds and other heavy flows. 


Barnabie was able to confirm that his new class offerings this year would cover the following fundumbentals.

– Setting 4 second par times on your timer.

– Using a metronome to accurately gauge jumping your shot timer beep.

– How to set up a non gender specific target at 3 yards to maximize sight pitcher acquisition.

– Using the correct hashtags to maximize social media exposure.

– The Ultimate Operator Bible verses for Tattoos.

Dynamic diaper bag manipulations in high velocity low amplitude non gender specific target rich environments.

-How to safely shoot steel targets at 3 yards with a rifle.

– Asking Gods approval for tattoos.


Kissable (Punchable) Face

And many more exciting innovational creations yet to be announced!!! Stay tuned for more news and training dates in this exciting developments!!!